Who I am:

My name is Lorena, but I have gone by Lori my entire life.   I hated the name Lorena when I was a kid.  I was named after my Great-Grandmother and I always associated it with being an “old lady” name.  Now, that I am older, I like it so much better than Lori, but my world knows me that way, so unless I move somewhere where no one knows me, Lori it is. 

I love to stay busy, and Cooking is my obsession, I should have made it my career, but getting married in my early twenties, and then shortly thereafter having our daughter, I just never found the time. That is probably for the best, because now I just cook when I feel like it. Like on a Saturday afternoon when we are sitting around watching movies and I just randomly start to make something that takes hours, like Jam, pasta or bread.  My family appreciates this! My daughter loves pasta and and is so happy to have bags of homemade noodles in the pantry at any given time.  My husband loves when I decide to make some artisan bread with bacon, chives and cheddar (I always have to make double, because the first loaf is gone before it even cools).

One of my other loves is WINE!  We are fortunate enough to live in California where really good wine is only a couple hours away.  We try and get over to the wineries as often as possible.  The funny thing is, since we usually just go by ourselves, we don’t even do the typical wine tasting. One of us might taste some that we haven’t tried before, but usually we just stock up and enjoy the drive.  If you haven’t driven around the the mountains in the California central coast, you should, it is so beautiful!  Driving around in the hills of “wine country” is really nice quality time to spend together.  After seventeen years of marriage, it feels really special to be able to disconnect from the rest of the world and enjoy some beautiful scenery together. Life is busy and this seems to slow it down a bit.

We have also been contemplating opening our own business.  Our dream is to open a small wine shop and hopefully within the next several years a few more.  We’ll see what happens.

Welcome to our journey! 

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